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The Wyplay blockchain to enable Loyalty Programs and NFT Trading

Loyalty Program

To improve subscribers’ engagement, WyCHAIN comes with a reward management mechanism to increase the loyalty of existing and new subscribers.

As a Content Provider, create your own Loyalty Program with your Loyalty Coins managed by WyCHAIN. Define the rules for your end-users to earn Loyalty Coins and to redeem them.

Typical use cases of rewarding actions with Loyalty Coins can be:

  • Watch to EARN:Watch more ads and share your information for targeted ads.
  • Share to EARNshare files within the community network to lighten the CDN usage (When WyCDN is ON).
  • Promote to EARN:post on the social networks how good is the operator’s offer, encourage friends to subscribe.
  • Etc… 

The end-users can redeem the Loyalty Coins earned or bought, to get some benefits from the operator or operator’s partners, including:

  • SPEND to Access: Purchase assets from the operator (premium VOD/EST contents, subscription packages for TV channels or apps, NFTs…)
  • SPEND to Share: Provide to your friends access to your assets (Live event rights like access to a premium soccer match, cloud storage, data plan…)
  • SPEND to Offer: Purchase an asset for your friends (VOD, NFT…)
  • Etc…

Trading of Exclusive Contents (NFTs)

To address Collectors, Fans, and Speculators in multiple verticals (Sports, Movies/Series, Concerts, TV shows), WyCHAIN allows the Content Provider to activate new kinds of sales associated with exclusive digital assets:

  • Digital Artworks: Posters, Animated GIFs, 3D rendering…
  • VideosSports highlights (goals, dunks…), Exclusive interviews, Uncut scenes…
  • Music: Never-before-heard demo recording, special album package (with exclusive AV art + concert seats), …
  • And many more: Trading cards, Event tickets, Gaming elements, and metaverse lands, …

It’s made possible thanks to the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Written on WyCHAIN, the NFT is the property title and certificate of authenticity of any asset (digital, physical, or any combination of both).
NFTs can be unique or with a limited and controlled number of copies and can be purchased, exchanged, resold, and collected, … by the end-users.

NFTs catalog can be sourced from various ways to create value:

  • Operators can have exclusive content/rights to design their NFT assets: images, collectibles, specific video content, and premium content, …
  • Operators can integrate existing NFTs contents from NFTs trading platforms (like OpenSea, Rarible, and Binance…).
  • Operators can develop new collaborations with artists, content owners, and fans to create special contents to be integrated into their marketplace.

WyCHAIN is Eco-friendly 

Based on a proof of authority consensus, WyCHAIN avoids any extensive power consumption.


A peer-to-peer mechanism to improve your video delivery

WyCDN is Eco-friendly 

WyCDN is a patented decentralized storage and delivery system based on the IFPS protocol. By reusing their existing device’s storage and connectivity, all your users become nodes of your network and help to decrease your CDN infrastructure.

Nodes share video content with nearby peers, reducing the use of the CDN. Each end-user can connect and disconnect on the fly without compromising the overall mechanism. WyCDN is perfect for large audiences where savings can reach 70% of your existing distribution costs.

WyCDN is compliant with all existing DRMs. However, the level of security is significantly improved with the use of WyDRM.

WyCDN is green 

WyCDN accompanies you in your CSR commitment.
Thanks to the decentralized distribution network and the reuse of end-users resources, WyCDN reduces the need for dedicated distribution infrastructure: which directly impacts your carbon footprint.
This eco-responsible solution improves your brand image for better adoption by users. 


A decentralized DRM designed to work with WyCDN and WyCHAIN

WyDRM is perfectly designed to address premium content where security is key. It comes with a patented decentralized security (DRM & Watermarking), a disruptive approach to manage DRM licenses and cryptographic assets.

Thanks to patented algorithms, WyDRM is providing a new way to transform content encryption keys into a non-secret, easing data transfer and providing a high-level security implementation.


WyDRM is coming with decentralized watermarking implementation, based on A/B algorithms.

WyDRM provides information about the credibility of the content and helps -in case of content leakage- to recognize the identity of the faulty WyCDN node.


Select the right products to create your own COMMUNITY.

The ultimate COMMUNITY solution integrates the 3 core features: DELIVERY + LOYALTY + NFT. 

However, COMMUNITY has been designed with a modular approach giving you the flexibility to select the right products and grow at your own pace.