by Wyplay

The Wyplay Web3 Blockchain video delivery platform for Content Providers

To whom ?

COMMUNITY is the Wyplay Blockchain-based Video Delivery Platform for Content Providers such as TV Operators, video streaming companies…

Main benefits

COMMUNITY introduces disruptive ways to gain new subscribers, improve their engagement, generate new revenue streams and costs savings in a greener approach.

key features

COMMUNITY brings loyalty programs, trading of exclusive contents (NFTs) & peer-to-peer distribution network. 

Give superpowers to your end-users!

End-users are overwhelmed with OTT streaming offers that compete for audience loyalty. In this context, generations Y and Z are looking for a new, more balanced and decentralized world to gain freedom.

Based on Web3, COMMUNITY has been designed for Content Providers to attract more end-users and improve loyalty. It brings them “superpowers” so that they can:

Complete missions to gain rewards :

  • Redistribute content, watch ads, promote operators’ services…

Wake up the collector/speculator in them with NFTs Trading :

  • Purchase exclusive content (NFTs) and resell NFTs/privilege

Become a green superhero :

  • Reduce global carbon footprint by sharing their device resources.

Be a champion of Cost Savings & Monetization

Do not change anything, just plug COMMUNITY into your existing platform to save costs and generate new revenue streams:

Cost Reductions

  • Save your video content distribution costs thanks to a mesh network with all your users. Up to 70% of your CDN costs could be saved with COMMUNITY.
  • Reduce your acquisition costs by leveraging the community Loyalty programs.

New revenue streams

  • NFTs sales.
  • Commissions on second hand market place.
  • Increase ads consumption thanks to watch-to-earn rewards mechanism.

How does it work?

COMMUNITY relies on 3 key Wyplay products:

  • WyCDN: a patented peer-to-peer mechanism to improve your video delivery,
  • WyCHAIN: the Wyplay blockchain to enable Loyalty programs and NFT trading,
  • WyDRM: a patented decentralized DRM designed to work with WyCDN and WyChain.

Each of those products can be deployed independently. All together, they provide an unmatched range of features for COMMUNITY.

A need for change ?

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